Progresiv Awards 2020 Jury

After completing the nomination stage, Progresiv will gather the Jury (hereinafter referred to as the Specialists Council) to validate entries in the Progresiv Awards competition and to select the 5 finalists in each category.

At the Council meeting, the arguments submitted in the registration forms will be analyzed. The rating grid is based on the judging criteria published on the site, under each category of awards.

The nominations that receive the most points (Top 5) from the members of the Council of Specialists will be added to the list of Finalists.

The Council of Specialists Progresiv Awards 2020

Alina - Cluster Head, Ipsos South-East Europe

Alina Stepan

Cluster Head
Ipsos South-East Europe

Iulia - Managing Director, Nielsen Romania

Iulia Pencea

Managing Director
Nielsen Romania

Gabriela - Commercial Director, Consumer Panels & Services, GfK Romania

Gabriela Luca

Commercial Director
Consumer Panels & Services, GfK Romania

Sorana - Director General, Markant International Services Romania

Sorana Georgia

Director General
Markant International Services Romania

Cătălina - Managing Partner, Aldea Consulting

Cătălina Aldea

Managing Partner
Aldea Consulting

Dragoș - Senior Project Manager, Roland Berger

Dragoș Popa

Senior Project Manager
Roland Berger

Mihai - Fondator, Brand Architects

Mihai Bonca

Brand Architects

Mihaela - Editor-in-Chief, Revista Progresiv

Mihaela Popescu

Revista Progresiv

Alina - Editor coordonator, Revista Progresiv

Alina Dragomir

Editor coordonator
Revista Progresiv

CSR & Corporate Sustainability Experts

Dumitru - Professor PhD Dumitru Borțun, SNSPA

Dumitru Borțun

Professor PhD Dumitru Borțun

Dragoș - Founder & Managing Partner, The CSR Agency

Dragoș Tuță

Founder & Managing Partner
The CSR Agency

Alina - Founder & Managing Partner, The Azores Sustainability & CSR Services

Alina Liciu

Founder & Managing Partner
The Azores Sustainability & CSR Services